Hidden treasures

Lincluden Abbey
Lincluden Abbey (or, more properly, Collegiate Church) ruins

One of the delights of our summer rides is showing people things about the area that they barely knew were there. Usually it’s nice bike-friendly routes to places that they would usually only go in a car – but sometimes it’s whole actual places. Like the ruins of the church at Lincluden (the 12 Apostles is the other hidden gem nobody seems to know is there).  OK, so it’s also a bit of a hangout for the local teenagers and there was a stray car attempting to force its way down the footpath to the side of the ruins, but it’s in a lovely spot and a real gem tucked away behind the streets of Lincluden.

summer ride group shot
Group shot at the ruins (once we’d rounded up all the wanderers)

We had a nice round dozen on the ride this afternoon – a few new faces, and some old stagers. After the usual palaver getting so many bikes, including a tagalong, across the crossing at Dock Park, we rode along the Whitesands and over the bridge and then took a slight detour down Stakeford St (which has a lovely smooth surface, in contrast to the surface-of-the-moon tarmac on College Road). We crossed the bypass on the curly-wurly bridge and then into the Abbey grounds (with a slight delay because one driver was in too much of a hurry to get into his driveway to let a group of cyclists past).

hand carved graffiti on the walls
You got a better class of graffiti back in the day

We stopped for a photo and a chance to explore – as well as the all-important home baking (cherry and coconut flapjacks), and then made our way back by a slightly different route and over the Cuckoo bridge.

In all we cycled just over four miles in total – still very easy even for kids, or those getting the bike out of the shed after a long break. Next week we’ll be exploring the Maxwelltown Cycleway – stretching it out to five miles. Do join us and see how far your bike will take you this summer!


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