Overcoming obstacles on our first summer ride

tree on cycle path
Tree on the line! Fortunately we had some strong arms to hold it back so people could get through

Saturday’s easy loop along the river paths turned into a bit of an obstacle course as we found half a tree across the path –  the overnight storms had taken their toll! Fortunately we had a pair of strong arms to hold back the branches and let everyone through.

The weather had looked a bit rubbish generally all morning but in the end the rain cleared and six of us set off for the first ride of the summer. Fallen trees aside, it was an uneventful run, with time to stop and admire the view of Criffel with the last of the cloud still gathered over its summit – and remind ourselves what a beautiful place we live in

cloud over Criffel
View looking down the Nith towards Criffel

We would have been eight, but unfortunately the hire bike station was still not working (we had reported it on Thursday and found that all but one stand – the one in Cargenbridge – was out of action),  so the two people who showed up on foot had to go for a walk instead. Hopefully that will be sorted out before the next ride.

Still, it was nice to see all new faces among those who did come – including Scott, who had volunteered as a ride leader (and emergency tree clearer)

participants on the first summer ride

We hope to see everyone again for our next ride – a slightly longer (but still easy) four mile jaunt to Lincluden Abbey. And tomorrow we will be meeting as usual at the Coach and Horses at 6pm so see you there.



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