Breakfast at BJs…

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When the summer comes (even if it’s just briefly), there’s no finer way to get to work than by bike, we think you’ll all agree. We’ve certainly noticed Dumfries’s commuters are increasingly taking to two wheels – rain or shine, in fact. We want to celebrate that fact, and also build a bit more of a community among those of us who cycle in the town – beyond that friendly nod and hello we generally get as we pass. So we’re trying again with the idea of a regular, casual, social meetup for commuting cyclists – celebrate the last Friday of the month with a brief stop off for a hot roll and a drink, a bit of a natter, and a chance to put names to faces, exchange tips (and war stories) and generally get to know your fellow cyclists.

We invite you to join us some time between 7am and 9am on Friday 26th June for the inaugural summer commuting meetup at BJ’s catering van, outside DG 2 Wheels, on Terregles Street.

OK, so it’s not Tiffany’s (but then again, how good were Tiffany’s bacon rolls, we ask ourselves?), but BJ’s Catering snack van offers a fine hot roll (and has won awards for the healthiness of its food, but don’t let that put you off). And even more important, Bill Johnstone has very generously offered to sponsor the first one, to get it off to a flying start: if you arrive on a bike any time on that day, you can have a free hot roll, and tea or coffee. What greater incentive do you need to start commuting by bike? And if you already cycle regularly, what greater reward can you ask for?

Please join us!


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