May Meeting – and Memberships

  • Our next meeting will be Tuesday 5th May – 6pm at the Coach and Horses, as usual.

At last month’s meeting we decided to formalise our membership process, which has been somewhat … casual up to now. We’ve been asking for voluntary donations and not really keeping track of who has signed up and when. So we’ve decided on the following:

  • From September 2015, membership fees will rise to £5 per member, which will allow us to cover the cost of CTC affiliation.
  • All memberships will run from September to September, to make administration easier.

We’ll send out membership reminders to everyone in August, and again in September. Don’t forget, you can now join online and pay by PayPal.

Non-members can still attend meetings (but not vote at the AGM) and attend our events, but won’t get the benefit of discounted membership of the CTC. Members also get a monthly email newsletter letting them know what’s going on (non members can still sign up to get emails when the site is updated).

The main benefit of joining is to support us – not only to help cover the cost of events and insurance (which means we can keep them free to participants) – but also to show that we’ve got widespread support, which helps our ideas carry more weight with the council, which should in turn be good for cycling in and around the town – and ultimately benefit the town itself


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