Pedal on Council …

Pedal on Parliament poster

Pedal on Parliament poster

Many of you will have heard of Pedal on Parliament – the annual mass cycle on Holyrood to campaign for a cycle friendly Scotland. It’s happening on April 25th this year, and we hope that as many local cyclists as possible will make it up to Edinburgh – we always seem to get a good local turnout, despite the distance.

But if you can’t make it, then don’t despair because this year, as suggested, we’re ‘taking POP to the politicians‘. We’ve invited all our local councillors, parliamentary candidates and MSPs to come and join us for a brief tour on bikes of some of the issues facing cyclists in the town – with particular emphasis on the route to the new hospital.

The ride will take place on Friday 20th March – starting at 4pm from Dock Park (if you will be at work and want to join us later email cyclingdumfries AT gmail DOT com and we’ll make arrangements on how best to meet up). Please come along if you can – it’s your chance to talk to the people who make the decisions locally and nationally.

Here are a few reasons why it’s important

And here are the game politicians who turned out last time

before the ride

Before the ride: Gail McGregor, Yen Hongmei Jin, Ian Blake, Bill Wright, Roger Grant, Russell Brown, Elaine Murray, Jeff Leaver and Ronnie Nicholson




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4 responses to “Pedal on Council …

  1. Steven Cussell

    Sorry we won’t be available for this. We are going away for my 50th.

    2 locations worth a look are where the road narrows sharply with no warning: The 1st is at the railway bridge near Morrisons and the 2nd is on the New Abbey Road heading east near Park Farm.

    C u soon.

    Sent from Steve Cussell


    Sorry I will not be able to join your meeting with politicians etc as I am going to visit my daughter in Applecross that week. Hope the meeting goes well.



  3. Gilbert McGill

    Don’t. Know if I can make this event but I hope someone manages to raise the issue of pot holes and road condition. There is also a developing problem with sunken or broken drain covers e.g Cornwall Mount.

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