The Sun Shines on the Just…

Group shot at Kirkton

Group shot at Kirkton

At least, that’s what we were hoping as we set off this morning from Dock Park for our second winter ride to Auldgirth. It was great to have three new faces join us having found us via Facebook and general internet searches – all that time spent on social media hasn’t been wasted after all. It was a mild but overcast day as we set off, and after stopping to consult the map a couple of times (the joy of a new route) we made excellent time into Auldgirth via the Caledonian Cycleway, Kirkton and Duncow.

descent into Auldgirth

Descent into Auldgirth. Fatal to stop and take pictures as I didn’t see the group again till the pub! Clearly a very relaxed approach towards their ride ‘leader’

Rather too good time in fact – we got to Auldgirth at 11:30 only to find the pub wasn’t yet open and the landlord rather grumpy to be asked, so we took our custom to the cafe instead where we have a very reasonably priced lunch and were joined by Paul Buxton who had ridden down from Moffat to join us.

Waving goodbye to Paul, and having sampled my experimental chocolate and sesame brownies, we set off on the second half of the ride which proved a little hillier. Fortunately, by this time the clouds were clearing and the sun had come out so nobody minded, and the views were entirely worth the effort.

view from the top

Blue skies and distant hills on the climb up out of Auldgirth

The route described a rough ‘s’ shape, crossing the A76 just before Portrack and then rejoining it just before Dumfries. At this point we took to the shared pavement rather than risk the road, and then wiggled our way through Lincluden and back to Dock Park

All in all a very enjoyable ride in good company and at a very civilised speed.


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