Be a Treasure(r)…

Don’t forget – this time next week it is our AGM, by which we mean our regular meeting in the pub, just with a little bit of extra formalities on the side. And there’s one pressing matter we do need to cover: with the departure of Rhian Davies, we have a vacancy at Cycling Dumfries. There’s no money in it (well, not much) but plenty of glory, okay there’s not that much glory either. But it’s an important role – we need a treasurer.

At the moment we run on a shoestring – we’re not very good at asking people for membership money or donations and we don’t spend very much either as a lot of what we do runs on donations in kind in the form of printing and bacon rolls. But if we want to grow as a campaign and do more, we’ll likely need more money. So someone with ideas and experience with things like paypal, online payments or even just filling in bank forms in a way that doesn’t make them send them straight back would be brilliant. Or someone who’s willing to learn. The duties are otherwise light. ‘Board meetings’, such as they are, generally take place in either the pub or Mrs Green’s Tea Lounge as and when they are needed. Other matters are covered by email or at our regular monthly meetings.

Of course, whether or not you’re interested, please do still come along on Tuesday – all welcome.

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  1. Steven Cussell

    Away working, but still cycling and visiting pubs! Rode through Windsor, Eton etc last night. Lots of little lanes to explore.

    Sent from Steve Cussell

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