Summer’s Over…

After a last gasp of glorious late summer weather, I think we have to admit that autumn is now finally here. However, that doesn’t mean we can all go into winter hibernation just yet …

First, there’s the small matter of our Summer Cycling Challenge – kids (and a few adults) had fun getting their mileage stamped and filling in some extra rides over the summer – but how did they do? We handed out more cards than we got back – but of the nine that completed and returned their cards, Heather Smart cycled the furthest – a massive 185.5 miles (those half miles are important) in total, which is pretty amazing when you’re only eight. Her brother Sandy did an equally impressive 94.5 (not counting the miles on the tagalong), and in all the miles added up to 498 in total, or an average of just over 55 miles apiece. Well done to everyone who took part, and we hope to see even more impressive totals if we do it again next summer.

on one of the stones
Champion Heather on one of our Summer rides

There’s also the next – and final – Fuel Up Friday of the year, which will be on Friday 26th September. Your last chance for a hot roll, coffee and a natter before work – if you haven’t made it along to one of these yet then please do give it a go.

And finally, our regular first-Tuesday meeting on Tuesday 7th October will also serve as our AGM. With the impending departure of Rhian Davies we will be on the look out for a new Treasurer, so if you want to take on this not-very-onerous responsibility please do put yourself forward. It’s also your opportunity to unseat the existing chair, secretary, and press officer with a surprise challenge. More details to follow but don’t expect us to deviate very much from the normal meet-in-the-pub-and-chat-about-cycling agenda



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