Your Suggestions…

Thank you to everyone who took the time to make suggestions at our Bike Breakfast on Wednesday. They’ve all be collated and sent to the council, who assure us that they will take them into account when drawing up the forthcoming Active Travel Strategy.

Here are the suggestions in full:

Suggestions from Bike Breakfast

1. Better, safer cycle access to St. Joseph’s College
2. Would like to see a circular route around Dumfries by joining the routes together
3. Cycle racks outside Mrs Green’s and King’s
4. Amisfield to Locharbriggs A701. The alternatives are too long and arduous when you’ve cycled there from further afield. Could this section of the A701 not be 40mph or provision made with a path?
5. Safe provision for cyclists on Lockerbie and/or Annan Roads in Dumfries
6. System needs to be connected to complete circuits around the town
7. More town routes with stops for activities
8. Please do something about the pot holes
9. More ‘Dutch style’ cycle paths (shared pavements only encourage some cyclists to use all pavements)
10. Link from station cycle path to the hospital/university/college
11. Every bus to take a bike so when it’s v. bad weather or dark or lots of traffic you can take the bus. Other cities do this
12. I am 9. Can I fix my bike at school every month? ‘Bike check’ clubs manned by volunteers checked by you to get kids on bikes
13. Safe access to town centre is essential. At present it is a lottery
14. If council and government are serious about encouraging more people including children to ‘get on their bikes’ they have to be serious about road conditions and safe routes
15. Sweep and salt cycle paths. Glass, branches ice – sort it out.

Interestingly, they seem pretty consistent with what was being suggested last year – which suggests we’re not being all that effective as a campaigning group … (patience, though – we will prevail).

And – whether you’ve made a suggestion or not – please do fill in the Council’s online survey for their Active Travel Strategy. We’ll be posting our own response to it in a couple of days


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