All Good Things Must Come to an End…

Even our summer rides – it’s been a great two months, and, in a change to our schedule, we ended with a great afternoon’s cycle out to Mabie Forest, using the newly completed cycle route (map here). The route itself isn’t perfect (and we’ll be writing about the issues with it in a separate post), but after a recce we decided it was better for novices than our traditional ‘end of term’ run to Glencaple.

group shot
Joining the Maxwelltown Path ready for the cycle to Mabie

Fifteen people joined us for our last ever ride – and after a short heavy shower just before the off it was mostly sunshine (and a stiffish breeze). Having enjoyed the easy cycling along the Maxwelltown and negotiated crossing the Garroch Loaning and then the Dalbeattie Road (it’s amazing how cars actually stop to let you cross when there are 15 of you), it was a bit of a long pull up the hill along the new cycle path.

on the Mabie cycleway
Nice smooth new tarmac – and safe enough for a gurning five-year-old

We then rejoined the road down to Mabie Farm Park and the back route into the forest. This road is a little too narrow for the amount of traffic it can carry on a sunny Saturday, but fortunately it was fairly quiet on the ride in (on the way back, a couple of drivers decided to press on towards us rather than pause for a moment at the passing place)

Riding on the road, which was barely wider than the cycle path
Riding on the road, which was barely wider than the cycle path

Then it was up the track towards the forest (stopping for the inevitable running repairs) and a well-earned rest in the sunshine (and Florentines, courtesy of Mary Berry’s Great British Bake Off recipe – nothing but the best for the summer rides)

group resting at Mabie
Resting in the sun at Mabie Forest

There were some slightly weary legs at the end of it. ‘I’m glad we didn’t do the Glencaple route, as I don’t think I would have managed 9 miles’, one rider said – and was astounded to discover she’d just ridden 11 miles! It’s amazing what you can do in good company and if you take it slow.

The summer cycle challenge cards were gathered in (and if you haven’t handed in yours, please post it in or bring it along to the Bike Breakfast) and we’ll be announcing the winner as soon as we’ve got them all. But everyone who takes part will get  certificate and a badge, so do please get them to us with your name and address.

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