A record turnout for our penultimate summer ride

It’s hard to believe, but summer’s almost over and our third year of summer rides is almost at a close. And perhaps as a result, we had a record turnout this week, despite drizzly weather, including a grand total of four Orange Bike riders, the most so far.

Group photo on the old runway

Eighteen people turned out for this ride – a record

We made our way along the Caledonian Cycleway – slightly hampered by the lights being out at the crossing for the Moffat Road; our thanks for the two drivers who stopped to let us all through. Then it was into Heathhall Forest, and a chance to try out the mountain biking track – yes, even on an Orange Bike

mountain biking track

Tackling the track on an Orange Bike

It was fortunate we’d brought chocolate brownies as it would have been quite difficult to lure some participants back off the track (and even then I think some people went round 4 times).

Coming off the cycle track

Lured off the delights of the track by the promise of chocolate brownies


Suitably refreshed, we went on through the forest and came out at the old runway by the Aviation Museum, where we held an impromptu drag race after lining up for our group photo. There was a short section of road before we got back to the Caledonian Cycleway – always a little nerve-wracking when we have such a big group of children and novices along, but we split up into three groups to allow cars to pass, and on the whole drivers were very courteous.

Next weekend will be our last summer ride. In a change to the schedule, we’ll be trying out the new Sustrans route to Mabie Forest – watch this space for more details. But that’s not the end of our cycling fun – don’t forget our Big Bike Breakfast on Wednesday 3rd September (not to mention August’s Fuel up Friday).


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