Cheery Bells and Chocolate-Covered Children

group on the Whitesands
Our biggest turnout so far this summer – including three takers for the orange bikes

We had our biggest turnout of the summer so far yesterday for our Glen Road ride – fifteen in all, including five children and three people renting orange bikes (these have come in for a fair amount of criticism, but it’s worth noting that of the people who have taken advantage of our free orange bike rental offer, two have gone on to join the scheme, and two have subsequently turned up on bikes of their own – showing that they do at least encourage people to give cycling a go). Renting multiple orange bikes in one go is a time consuming process (in the end it proved easier to rent each bike individually) which gave the participants time to compare bells, do various bike fettling activities (including pumping up the tyres of the orange bikes) and enjoy the sunshine

hello kitty bell smiley face bell

The formalities completed, we made our way to the Maxwelltown path and right along to the end. Then it was down to the Garroch Loaning and the controversial crossing to the new hospital site. Taking a group this large, especially one including children and novice cyclists, really underlined how important it is to have a safe way to cross this road once the hospital is up and running. However, at least cyclists and pedestrians have been catered to during the road works to create the access to the site

Pedestrians and Cycle Route
Pedestrians and cyclists (and one mobility scooter) catered for

With the wind in our faces, and a couple of the kids on single-geared bikes, we weren’t sure how far we’d get up the Glen Road, but as usual the kids surprised us – and when we reached the bench that marks the turnaround point, there were even a handful of takers to climb further up. That may have been the effect of the chocolate-covered coconut macaroons though – which were quickly transformed into chocolate-covered children

chocolate-covered children
Chocolate-covered children

Then it was time to fly down the hill again and back to the start. All in all a very enjoyable afternoon out – and what a contrast with last week’s ride!

Group of riders in the sunshine
Catching up in the sunshine

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