Exploring Prehistory on our Fifth Summer Ride

It takes more than bucketing rain and a yellow weather warning to keep people off their bikes in Dumfries as we discovered this afternoon. Five of us gathered at Dock Park and we were joined on route in Lincluden by another family (who had almost given up hope of us arriving and repaired to McDonalds – fortunately we spotted them before they’d disappeared inside).

group shot at the 12 Apostles
Slightly soggy but undaunted

We threaded our way along the slightly circuitous route that parallels the A76 and then headed up the Irongray Road and down into Newbridge and beyond to find the 12 Apostles – the largest (in diameter) stone circle in mainland Scotland (even if it only has 11 stones in it).

on one of the stones
You can’t do this at Stonehenge…

The rain had eased off so we took the chance to walk around the circle – and then explore the clambering possibilities of some of the stones. After a couple of reviving biscuits (sadly slightly burnt – perhaps channelling King Alfred given the historical nature of the ride) and some bike fettling, and with the rain starting up again, we set off back via Lochside (and McDonalds).

getting ready to return
Undaunted by the rain…

Once more proof that rain does not stop play when you’re determined to get onto your bike.

Next ride will be to the Glen Road and beyond, and don’t forget it’s our regular monthly meeting on Tuesday – 6pm at the Coach and Horses on the Whitesands



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