Another Successful Summer Ride

A showery forecast didn’t put anyone off our second summer ride – we had a dozen riders, including two who took advantage of our free orange bike rental offer. It was encouraging to see some new faces too. Pretty much everyone (not just the kids!) also picked up a summer challenge card – we may have to introduce a senior category …

summer riders on the Whitesands
The group on the Whitesands raring to go

The ride was four miles long and fairly straightforward. The main problem was squeezing everyone onto the toucan crossing at Dock Park – it’s definitely not built for mass cycling. We followed the Whitesands and crossed the river, then took to College Road, riding in pairs again because we had small children in the group

negotiating the spiral bridge ramp
Negotiating the ‘curly wurly’ bridge over the A75 – everyone managed it

The ‘curly wurly’ bridge safely negotiated, it was on to the ruins of Lincluden College Church, also known as Lincluden Abbey. A chance to get off the bikes and explore, for both kids and adults. As always with this ride, it was surprising how many people had never been to this little gem of a spot, hidden behind a housing estate. Others were surprised at how easy it was to cycle to, once you knew the routes

Group shot on the Abbey ruins
Group photo at the Abbey. I’m fairly certain this bit wasn’t on the risk assessment

After a group photo (and some cake) we returned via the Cuckoo Bridge and back onto the Whitesands where everyone got their cards stamped and promised to return to clock up the miles.

We hope to see everyone again – and more new faces – this Saturday, when we will be exploring the Maxwelltown Cycle Path.



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