Welcoming new cycle funding

Sustrans and the council have announced that there is funding for two new cycle routes in the town, as well as a new route in Newton Stewart. The routes are:

  • Windsor Road/Ewart Drive, Newton Stewart – Proposed cycleway. Formalisation and improvement to existing informal route linking residential areas to schools. Discussions between the Council and landowners are still ongoing which could influence final proposals and the deliverability of the scheme.
  • Cresswell to Dumfries Town Centre – To extend existing “on-road” cycle route on Barrie Avenue towards town centre via either Leafield Road and Hoods Loaning and/or via Brooms Road and Queen Street. The latter route potentially in parallel to the “Street Design” project for Queen Street.
  • Glasgow Street to College Road, Dumfries – Proposed cycle route. This route would be West of Loreburn Cycle Bridge and College Road and would cross grassland linking to Steel Avenue and Glasgow Street.

We welcome these as minor but helpful links within the town, particularly anything which can help to connect Georgetown with the town centre. We’re disappointed that some of the other funding proposals the council had suggested, particularly looking into a route from Collin.

We also note the following support for potential improvements, subject to funding:

  • George Douglas Drive to Holm Park, Dumfries. Widening of and adoption of an existing footpath, lighting will also be installed. Timing of the works depends on land acquisition and also ground conditions on site. Current projected start date is June 2014.
  • Loreburn Street/Great King Street junction, Dumfries. Completion of Toucan crossing to allow cycle movement from Great King Street to Newall Terrace, as part of a link from the National Cycle Route (NCR) 7 at the Whitesands to the railway station.
  • Dumfries pedestrianised area. Promotion and implementation of an alteration to the current one way Order allowing cyclists to travel in both directions on pedestrianised streets in the town centre. Cyclists are currently permitted to use the pedestrianised area, but only in the direction of the one ways on most of the pedestrianised roads.
  • A710 – Kippford road end to Barnbarroch. This short connection (some 110 metres) would create a shared use connection along the A710 between the forest trails at Barnbarroch and the C24s leading to Kippford. There is already a footway on the C24s up to the A711 junction and Colvend Community Council has identified funding to construct a footway in the verge.
  • Pelican crossing at the Whitesands at Devorgilla Bridge. Conversion of this crossing to a Toucan creates another connection between NCR7 on the Whitesands and the pedestrianised area at Friars Vennel.
  • Pumpfield Lane, Dumfries redetermination. This minor scheme is to provide a connection from Nithbank to Dock Park and the cycle routes in the park, including again NCR7.
  • Connection from St Michael Street to Nith Place cycle crossing, Dumfries. Part of the renewal of the traffic signals at the St Michael Street/Nith Place junction was to provide crossings for use by both cyclists and pedestrians. Another part of this was to extend the on-road cycle lane on St Michael Street, leading to the crossing across Nith Place.

Of these, the removal of the one-way restrictions on cycling in the pedestrianised town centre is particularly overdue. We are very pleased to see that the junction of St Michael Street and Nith Place is also under consideration, although we would argue that a crossing of Nith Place where it joins Pumpfield Lane would be more useful, providing an alternative entrance to the refurbished Dock Park.

Thanks to Alive Radio for reporting this


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