Get ready to ‘PoP’!

In exactly a month’s time, cyclists will be gathering in the Meadows in Edinburgh for Pedal on Parliament to call for more investment and safer conditions for cycling on Scotland’s roads.

cycling down the Royal Mile

Cycling Dumfries members Rosie and John Rutherford (plus pandas) at last year’s POP

Last year we had a great turnout from Dumfries, despite the distance, with at least a dozen making it to Edinburgh with their bikes (and a belted Galloway on a stick). This year it would be great to muster even more – so start making plans and spreading the word among your bikey (and like-to-bikey) friends.

The logistics are a bit awkward. Taking the train from Lockerbie is probably the quickest and easiest, although space for bikes will be limited. Many chose to drive up to the edge of Edinburgh with their bikes and ride in from there – there’s a ‘feeder ride’ from Braidburn Valley at 11 am for those who’d like a hand with navigating and some company en route. For those who don’t like to take the easy option, Paul Buxton will be riding up from Moffat again the day before. Failing that, you can always come on foot – Pedal on Parliament is actively welcoming those who wish to ‘pedestrian on Parliament‘. The main thing is to be there.

For those who haven’t been, as well as being a demonstration, PoP is also a real celebration of cycling – and a family day out. It takes place on closed roads, and with the full support and co-operation of the police. It’s for a serious purpose, but it’s also about showing what cycling could be, if we work together to make Scotland a cycle-friendly country. So please come along and help to make it happen.

Dumfries and Galloway cyclists at Holyrood

Just some of the Dumfries and Galloway cyclists who pedalled on parliament last year

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