Last of the Winter Rides

We’ve not been that lucky with the weather on our rides this winter – and sadly, Saturday’s run to Loch Arthur proved to be no exception. Although we haven’t had anything like the storms that have beset the south of England, we have had plenty of rain and Saturday saw fairly steady drizzle as four hardy souls gathered in Dock Park for our ride to Loch Arthur.

Despite the rain we made good progress along the (rather puddled) Maxwelltown Path, past the site of the new hospital and up the Glen Road for a steady climb to the Lochfoot Roundabout. From there there was only one stiffish hill between us and our destination – and the chance to dry off and get some lunch!

wood burning stove at Loch Arthur
Drying off in front of the woodburner at Loch Arthur Cafe

We must have looked a rather bedraggled band when we arrived but we were lucky to get the seats right by the fire and soon dried off  and wasted no time in ordering some lunch. The soup and sandwiches were well worth the ride – and there were good reports of the cakes too. We finished off our visit with a wander round the farm shop and there were a couple of bulging pannier bags on the ride home. By this time, the rain had dissipated and there was even the hint of some blue sky here and there beyond the clouds.

soup and sandwich
Curried squash and sweet potato soup, plus a half-eaten roast beef sandwich (probably should have taken the photo earlier but someone was hungry!)

After some discussion about the comparative joys of a stiff climb into a headwind, versus sharing the Dalbeattie Road with heavy traffic, the hill climb won the day and in the end it wasn’t too monstrous a climb over the hump and back onto the Old Military Road. And then, with the wind at our backs, it was an exhilarating whizz home

climbing the hill
Tackling the hill back to the Old Military Road

That is the last of our winter rides, but we’ve got plans for a bonus family ride over the Easter holidays – plus of course our summer ride programme will start in July. With hopefully better weather than we’ve had since October!



One thought on “Last of the Winter Rides”

  1. Looks like it was a good day. I took my folks to Locharthur café the other day and they enjoyed it too.

    C U all soon.

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