Twenty’s Plenty for Langholm

Congratulations to Bill Telfer, who’s campaigned tirelessly for years to get a 20mph speed limit on the A7 through Langholm – we see that the Muckle Toon has been included in Transport Scotland’s planned trial of 20mph limits on trunk roads through towns and villages. The programme – which is only a pilot – is just at the consultation stages, but we hope it not only goes ahead for Langholm but is quickly spread across Scotland.

Langholm desperately needed the lower limit (as we’ve covered before) – but unfortunately two other villages in the area have not been included that could also benefit, Crocketford and Springholm. Both were considered but rejected, partly because there have not been any crashes involving vulnerable road users (ie. pedestrians, cyclists, children or horse riders). This seems to us short sighted. Surely it’s better to make our roads safer before people are hurt, rather than waiting until someone is injured? Springholm does at least have a pedestrian crossing, but in Crocketford pedestrians have to make their way across as best they can, making people reluctant to cross the road at all. That can’t be good for the life of the village, or for the shop.

This caveat aside, we strongly support that pilot at Langholm, and we hope if it is successful that slower speeds on trunk roads through villages and towns will become the norm.


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