Many Hands make Light Work

When five of us gathered at the station on a drizzly Sunday afternoon to inspect the state of the paths we weren’t that hopeful that they would have been cleared. After the big storm on Thursday, with trees downed all over the region, we rather thought the council would have other fish to fry. So we were pleased and surprised – indeed, impressed – to find that the leaves had in fact mostly been dealt with over the weekend.

station path

The station path had been cleared by the council when we arrived

There was the small matter of a fallen tree encroaching so that got tidied up:

Tree beforetree cleared

Moving on to the Caledonian Cycleway, we found a bit of leaf buildup and a blocked drain at the entrance on to the Edinburgh Road that might have resulted in an icy spot – no fun for pedestrians or cyclists. That was easily cleared

blocked draindrain cleared

The Caledonian Path was also cleared, but in some places the tarmac area was still encroached by leaves, so we set to work (we had to earn our biscuits somehow)

path encroached by leavesClearing leaf buildup from the edges

All in all, a good joint effort from both DG First and Cycling Dumfries. And the moral of the story is – reporting things to the Pothole Hotline actually works, even if it’s not a pothole. So don’t suffer in silence if your particular route isn’t being cleared – give them a call. And if that doesn’t work, give us a call!





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