A mix-up and a cross-border connection

Well, today’s bike ride would have gone better if I hadn’t emailed all the membership with the wrong date! Combined with that and the weather, it was a bit of a diminished turn out for our ride to Ruthwell (and fortunately nobody wanted a hire bike…)

hire bikes

Hire bikes cordoned off by building works at Dock Park

However we did have two takers who’d come over from Carlisle and weren’t going to let the weather put them off enjoying the ride. As they’d come from England, we couldn’t let them visit this part of the world without a side trip to at least one Robert Burns site – in this case Brow Well (which seems to have been restored as a suburban patio for some reason)

brow well

The strangely suburban looking Brow Well – this picture gives a nice flavour of the weather!

Ruthwell CrossThen it was on to Ruthwell Church to admire the Anglo Saxon cross there – this was actually my first visit so we did a little bit of hunting around before we found it as it’s not particularly well signposted. Fortunately the church was open.

We had considered stopping in at the Savings Bank Museum as well but by this time the cafe was calling and we decided to press on, via the coast road. We did stop off at the Nature Reserve where wardens had set up a couple of telescopes and were on hand to tell passers by about the birds and other wildlife, although we’d missed the large flock of Barnacle Geese.

And then it was on to the Caerlaverock Tea Rooms in Glencaple for a reviving lunch – much needed by then! The rain had finally eased off and the sun was almost peeking through by the time we had had our meal and the last few miles were a chance to dry off as we pedalled back to the start.

view from the cafe

The view from the cafe

So it was a good day in the end – and a nice chance to swap stories and experiences with cyclists from the other side of the border. We left making plans to make it a regular thing, so if you’re interested in a return trip and a chance to explore the cycling around Carlisle, let us know



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