A postponement and a bit of fun

We had hoped to be announcing the date for our AGM by now but unfortunately our treasurer, Mike Gray, has had to rush to the United States to deal with a family emergency, and so we’ll have to re-organise that on his return.  When we do finally hold it, the AGM will be our last meeting for 2013, with the nights closing in, making everything a bit less attractive for pub visits and (especially) cycling home.

But that doesn’t mean you should put away your bike for the season. As well as our autumn/winter rides which start with the first one (to Ruthwell Cross) on Saturday the 26th, there’s a fun challenge for anyone who wants to try who wants to keep going on the bike into the autumn and winter.

coffee mugs
Are you ready for the Coffeeneuring Challenge?

It’s called the Annual Coffeeneuring Challenge and this is its third year. You don’t have to be fast, fit, or particularly determined to complete it either. All you have to do is visit seven different coffee shops over the next seven weekends, consume (and photograph) the hot beverage of your choice, and write up the experience (on your own blog, flickr, facebook or where ever). You don’t have to ride far (a minimum of a mile, but taking the scenic route is acceptable) and you don’t have to ride fast. But you do have to ride somewhere. (There are more rules, but that’s the essence of it)

When we tweeted this a couple of days ago a couple of people seemed interested, so who knows, we may end up putting Dumfries on the map. If you’re planning on taking up the challenge let us know – and if you want to write up your adventures and don’t have blog of your own, we’d be happy to add them on here.

Happy Coffeeneuring!

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