Bollards to that

A few weeks ago, we tweeted something about the ‘50 bollard game‘ whereby you work out where you would place barriers to cut through traffic and eliminate rat-runs without impeding bikes and pedestrians. This is something the Dutch do to create quiet streets for people to use, especially in areas where there isn’t room for separate cycle tracks.

We got a pretty swift response back from someone who wasn’t a fan of bollards, especially on cycle paths:

The problem was the grey concrete bollards that are so prevalent in Dumfries – particularly the ones at either end of the Greensands bridge, where the old swimming pool used to be. They’re very difficult to see (in fact we knew this to our cost, as one of the participants on a summer ride managed to hit one although fortunately he wasn’t hurt).

Well, we weren’t going to leave that one so we sprung into action and reported it to Fix My Street. We got a stock response back from the council saying the problem had been noted and then heard nothing further. We weren’t particularly hopeful, to be honest, but our scepticism was misplaced for cycling through town yesterday we spotted this:

painted bollard

Freshly painted – and highly visible bollard. Shame it’s the wrong one

A no-longer grey bollard. OK, so it’s not the actual bollard we reported – and it doesn’t look as if it’s very reflective – but I think we can say that it’s pretty visible now. A result – and congratulations to the council. Let’s hope they manage to sort out the rest of them soon too.

There were a lot of complaints about maintenance of cycle paths at the Bike Breakfast last week – and we’ve passed your concerns on – but this is a useful reminder that the council does respond to individual problems as they are reported. So please do report any problems you see, whether through the pothole hotline or Fix My Street (they both end up at the same place eventually). Or pass them on to us and we’ll report them ourselves.

And now that we’ve sorted that – where would you place your 50 bollards?

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