Suggestions please!

map flagging problems

Just a few of the issues people identified on the day

As part of our Bike Breakfast last week we asked participants if they had any suggestions that could improve cycling in and around Dumfries. I think some people talked to the councillors and council officers directly, but many of the suggestions ended up either on the map (right) or in our suggestions box.

We’ve gone through everything that was posted and here’s a summary of what our bike commuters would like to see (links are to pages where we’ve discussed these problems in the past):

Specific routes

  • Make it easier to get across the road at the St. Michael’s roundabout / Nithbank & make it easier to get to St. Joseph’s, as well as improving the link from Dock Park to Nithbank (Pumpfield Lane)
  • Improve the route up Craig’s Road to Georgetown
  • Make the Lockerbie Road more accessible for bikes, particularly the roundabout at the end of it
  • Provide a cycle track from Terregles into town to keep bikes away from fast cars and lorries
  • Open the High Street to cyclists in both directions

Improving the routes we have

  • Maintain the cycle paths: remove glass, clear overhanging trees and remove parked cars blocking access
  • Light cycle paths that don’t have lighting  (e.g. Holm Park, Troqueer, along River Nith)
  • Put signs up on Whitesands path warning bus passengers and other pedestrians about bikes
  • Repair potholes in the road

Creating a complete network

  • More and better-connected cycle routes through the centre of Dumfries
  • Visit the Netherlands to see how cycling facilities can be done properly
  • Introduce dedicated cycle lanes on the more dangerous and busy roads


  • More events encouraging cycling (including more bike breakfasts!)
  • Better education of drivers to give cyclists more room
  • Make it possible to take your bike onto all buses (e.g. a bike rack)
  • More bike parking in the town – perhaps some Plantlocks
  • Fewer hills!

These all chime with what we’ve been saying in our proposed strategy.

We have passed these on to the council, and we’ll be following up to see if they have any response. The excellent turnout we had last week should at least have shown those who came from the council that cycling is an important mode of transport for the town – let’s hope that will help encourage greater investment in cycling facilities





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5 responses to “Suggestions please!

  1. David Wright

    Making travelling to and from Georgetown safe by bike. Right now you have to risk four dodgy roundabouts – Spar – Gillbrae and the two on the Annan road. For any cyclist less than confident (eg my wife) they are a major deterrent. I don’t know what the fix is without closing roads and/or building cycle specific lanes.

  2. Have a look at We’ve just started using it in St Albans to gather info like this, works really well because you can run discussion threads and make sure that comments are stored and available rather than kicking around in a spreadsheet on someone’s pc.

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