Bike Breakfast Success!

Family on bikes

Not just cycle commuters – some participants were cycling to school

Thank you to everyone who came yesterday to our Cycle to Work Day Bike Breakfast – I think everyone agreed that it was a huge success. In total about 60 cyclists stopped by for a bacon roll or a couple of muffins – and a chance to chat to others, including folk from the council.

Ivor Hyslop gets a well-deserved bacon roll

Ivor Hyslop gets a well-deserved bacon roll

Thanks too to everyone who helped out on the day. Particular thanks go to Rosie Rutherford, who organised the bulk of it (including getting donations from local businesses) and made industrial quantities of amazing muffins. We’d also like to thank Jill Asher, who helped Rosie with the cooking on the day, marshals John Schofield and John Henry, John Rutherford for ferrying the food between the kitchen and the event on the ‘yellow peril’ and Keith Walters, Mike Gray, Rhian Davies, and Sam Smith for generally helping out (apologies if I’ve forgotten anyone – we did have to get up *very* early…)

delivering bacon by cargo bike

John Rutherford with a rush delivery of bacon

Huge thanks too are due to our sponsors:  J.B. Houstons, Quality Butchers, who donated 10lb of bacon for the event, along with the Co-op, for covering most of the rest of it, Ross from Kirkpatrick Cycles for running a Doctor Bike stand, and Elite Display for providing the maps.

Kirkpatrick cycle shop owners old and new

Kirkpatrick cycle shop owners old and new

Thanks to are due to the council for providing a high-profile location AND giving up some very important car parking spots for the morning. We’d like to thank council leader Ivor Hyslop, and councillors Ronnie Nicholson and Yen Hongmei Jin for coming along – Ronnie and Ivor on bikes – and council officials Peter McCormick, Eddie Glover and others for attending and graciously allowing their ears to be bent by cyclists of all persuasions.

councillors and cycling dumfries members

Ivor Hyslop, John Schofield, Yen Hongmei-Jin, Ronnie Nicholson and Sally Hinchcliffe

map flagging problems

Just a few of the issues people identified on the day

We’ve had dozens of suggestions which we’re compiling (and have already passed on to the relevant people in the council) so watch this space. We hope we’ll also see an official response to them.

One theme which came up over and over again – both in conversation and in the suggestions box – was the issue of maintenance of the paths we’ve got. It seems madness to build high-quality cycle paths and then not do the basic maintenance – like cutting back vegetation, sweeping, and gritting – that not only means people can use them safely and easily, but also means they will last longer.  Hopefully, the message will get through and routine maintenance of bike paths will get done – but until that time, you can continue to report problems to DG First if you encounter any – and that goes for potholes in the roads too



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5 responses to “Bike Breakfast Success!

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  2. Steven Cussell

    Looks like we missed a good do. Making me hungry just looking at the pictures. 🙂

  3. sallyhinchcliffe

    you certainly did. It was excellent bacon …

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