Last of the Summer Rides

last ride group shot
After tea and cakes as the Glencaple Cafe

We were hoping for a good turnout for our last summer ride – and we weren’t disappointed. In all a total of 16 riders made it to the cafe at Glencaple , the highest number of riders yet. There were even a couple of new faces as well as some of the regulars.

We met at Dock Park and took the slightly more gradual climb through Castledykes Park, avoiding the steep climb at Kingholm Quay. We then took the Glencaple Road, riding in two compact groups rather than one long strung out line to allow drivers to overtake (when it was safe to do so!). Despite one tumble due to a slipped chain and a puncture, we all made it safely to Glencaple where we enjoyed some fine home baking and coffee from this new community-run cafe (which is well worth a stop – indeed a detour).

Having hoovered up the last crumbs we set off back the way we came, then home via Kingholm Quay and the river path. In all, a total of around nine miles, and some quite challenging road conditions for the younger riders (and a stiffish climb into town!). Despite the fact that it was almost 4:30 by the time we returned to Dock park, people seemed reluctant to finally end the day and the rides – we stood around setting the world to rights for a long while after that!

All good things must come to an end eventually, though. It’s been a great summer of rides and we hope we’ll see everyone again next year. Meanwhile, keep an eye out for our winter ride programme (starting in October) and of course our September Bike Breakfast.

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