Puddles and pedals

OK, we’ll confess – when we looked at the weather we had on Saturday, we weren’t actually expecting anyone to turn up for that afternoon’s summer ride. After all, when the rain is coming at you sideways and the forecast is not promising, who’s going to come out for a bike ride? Dumfries cyclists, that’s who!

A hardy group of 11 keen cyclists (not counting the wee one in the trailer) gathered at the entrance to Dock Park, all ready to tackle the Caledonian Cycleway and the Heathhall forest track.  It wasn’t the parents dragging the kids out – if anything, it was the kids who had insisted, rain or no rain. Word had obviously got around about Rhian’s chocolate crispie cakes.

Group gathering at Dock Parl

“we’re not made of sugar” – our hardy cyclists gather for the ride

By the time we started, the rain had more or less cleared up and stayed off for the rest of the afternoon. We took the long way by way of the Queen of the South Viaduct, and after a slight mishap with one of our younger riders (fun as it is to zip through the puddles on a bike, you do have to be sure that there’s not a big pothole at the bottom) we soon reached the Caledonian Cycleway and from there Tynwald Downs Road. At this point the ride split in two, with those with skinny tyres taking to the road, while those who fancied a bit of off-roading headed for the forest. We rejoined forces at the Aviation Museum where we decided to admire the planes through the fence (one day we’ll persuade some of the participants to take advantage of the group discount offer and go in!) and discuss bike accessories and eat home made ginger biscuits and the aforementioned crispie cakes. Then, with the clouds gathering overhead again, we headed back the way we had come.

aviation museum

At the Aviation museum

This Saturday is the last of our summer rides – the traditional (well, it’s the second time we’ve done it) visit to Glencaple cafe – so the only home baking will be that supplied by the cafe (which is excellent and excellent value too, by the way). If you haven’t made it yet, then come along – it’s your last chance!


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