Hill Climbs and Orange Bikes

We had a first for this summer at our last weekend ride: a taker for one of the free Orange Bikes (thanks to a deal with the council we can offer a free rental of one of the Go Smart bikes if anyone wants to join us and hasn’t got a bike of their own). It was also another great turn out – a total of 12 riders (including one tagalong and a child trailer) ready to explore the Glen Road, one of the hillier of our summer ride routes.

We took the Maxwelltown Cyclepath out to Cargenbridge but this time instead of turning immediately for home, we struck off past the new hospital site and up the Glen Road, which used to be the old A 75 and now doesn’t lead anywhere but Kilnford Barns farm shop and a few houses. It does, however go up a bit of a hill – all the better to admire the views once we found a place to stop to catch our breath.

group shot
Enjoying the view (and peanut-butter chocolate button cookies)

I thought people would be up for turning round at that point but no, we carried on up a bit more of a climb, pleased to be well away from the heavy traffic on the new trunk road. In total, the whole ride ended up being about 11 miles long – our longest yet. And possibly the furthest afield – and highest – anyone’s got on an Orange Bike!

group riding downhill
The advantage of cycling – what goes up must come down

We then turned around and took advantage of all the climbing to whiz back down the hill and retrace our route back to the Whitesands.  All in all a challenging but thoroughly enjoyable ride – congratulations to all who took part.

Summer is drawing to a close – but there are still two more of our Saturday rides to go, starting with an exploration around Heathhall this weekend. And for anyone who has been inspired to consider cycling to work or to school, you’re warmly invited to our free bike breakfast on Thursday 12th September.

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