Stone Circles and Rock Cakes…

… I don’t think it can entirely be down to my home baking, but we had our best ever turnout this weekend for our last summer ride – 15 people, including one wee girl in a trailer who slept most of the way, for the advertised 7 mile ride to visit the 12 Apostles.

group shot at the 12 Apostles
The group at the stone circle

Despite ominous looking clouds at the start, the weather was kind to us and stayed fine all through the afternoon. We made our way from the Whitesands through Lincluden following the cycle route which runs parallel to the A76 (although with rather more twists and turns). Having crossed the main road, we passed the Irongray Industrial park and through Newbridge to the field where the stone circle is (a first visit for some people, despite having lived in Dumfries for years!). We missed the official entrance but fortunately the gate at the top was open so we did some impromptu off-roading through the field to the stones.

After a break to have a look, and some (appropriately enough) rock cakes, we then decided to slightly extend the route back past Nunwood and onto the Hardthorn Road. This meant a slightly hillier and longer route, but everyone handled it easily, including the tagalong.  It gave us a chance to get out onto a properly rural road which was fairly quiet – and the few cars that did pass us were patient and courteous enough. We then rejoined the Maxwelltown Railway path and returned to the start.

For anyone interested here is the route we took – a total of 14 km or just under 9 miles. Not bad at all!

Next week is another variable-length ride, depending on people’s legs. We’ll be taking the Maxwelltown Cycleway out to Cargenbridge and then taking the Glen Road for as far as people want to explore – anything up to about 8 miles in total.


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