Catching up… Saturday’s ride

We had two summer rides this week (we’re still recovering, hence the late report!). News of Monday’s Full Moon ride will be coming. shortly but on Saturday there was our regular Summer ride – this time down the Maxwelltown Railway path and back via Cargenbridge. It was a muggy sort of a day and a bit quieter than the last one but we enjoyed it nevertheless – despite one loose dog managing to walk into one of our bikes (you get used to the humans not looking where they are going, but you expect the dogs to have more sense! Fortunately no harm done to dog or bike). The end of the viaduct gave us a chance to have a look out at the new hospital site and discuss how best to create the bike access. While it’s great that the hospital will be at the end of such a high-quality cycle route as the Maxwelltown Path, the way the path ends now will mean crossing what will be a very busy road once the hospital is open. But wouldn’t it be amazing if they opened the viaduct right over the road and allowed bikes in that way?

Not quite blocking the entire pavement...
Not quite blocking the entire pavement…

Slightly less amazing was the way the shared path on the road back had been almost blocked by signs … for the cars. It’s not a great path as it is, as you have to cross a (busy) road halfway along, and then it dumps you back onto the road again when things get too narrow. But narrowing it further with temporary signs just adds insult to injury

after ride snack by the river

Once safely back, there was time for some cake (coffee and hazelnut squares) and a drink before heading home again. This weekend it’s the turn of Dumfries’s other ex-railway path, the Caledonian Cycleway. See you all there.




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