Statement from Aileen McLeod, MSP

A few weeks ago we put up a statement on cycling from Claudia Beamish, MSP. Cycling Dumfries is not a party political organisation, so we approached all the local MSPs for a statement, in the interest of fairness. Here’s what Dr. Aileen McLeod of the SNP has written

Cycling is going to be an increasingly important form of transport in the future as well as a sport and leisure activity. The Scottish Government’s vision of 10% of journeys in Scotland being made by bike by 2020 is ambitious. But I believe that vision is achievable. In fact, with the growing need to improve the health of the population and the rising cost of road fuels, the shift to cycling will, I think, become a necessity.

“In order to that, we need to get the policy and the infrastructure right – and it won’t be achieved by the Scottish Government on its own. So much of the infrastructure in question, from bike racks to cycle paths will be the responsibility of local authorities, so partnership working is going to be vital to making progress across the country.

“I do welcome what Dumfries & Galloway has done in making Dumfries a Sustainable Travel Demonstration Town. I think that schemes such as Bike2Go are a good start but it is clear that the region’s cycling network has gaps which can deter people from taking up cycling as a means of everyday transport.

“I hope that the nineteen actions in the Government’s refreshed Action Plan will deliver meaningful improvements for cyclists across Scotland, helping to make cycling a more attractive option for people who currently use their cars even for short journeys.”

We’re still interested in getting statements from our other MSPs in the region.


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