More sunshine and flapjacks – second summer ride

riders at Lincluden
Apologies for the quality of the picture – my camera phone didn’t cope with the bright sunshine – not usually a problem in Dumfries…

Eleven intrepid cyclists joined our second summer ride – in temperatures that had us seeking out the shade as we waited for the start! It was a good mix of old and new faces, and a range in ages from five upwards. Because of the heat, we took it nice and gently, enjoying the breeze you get on a bike. We took the back streets up to the A75 and crossed over at the spiral bridge before riding to Lincluden Abbey for a break and some home-made flapjacks (sorry, no photo – they were all eaten before they could be immortalised) and a chance for the younger (and, indeed, some of the older) members of the group to have an explore. We then rode back over the bridge over the roundabout and made it back to the Whitesands having done a total of around four miles.

The next ride will be the Maxwelltown Loop – another easy ride totalling five miles and suitable for anyone. And on the Monday evening will be our moonlight ride in conjunction with Dumfries Museum. If this weather only holds, it should be absolutely magical.


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