Sunshine and macaroons – first summer ride kicks off

Summer arrived in time for our first summer ride – a quick spin along both banks of the Nith and down as far as Kingholm Quay. Six riders managed the three miles with ease – and our youngest participant was out in front for most of the riverside path, finding the pace of the adults a little sedate. Lucky he had a good loud bell.

Dock Park toucan crossing
Waiting for the busted lights…

The only fly in the ointment was that the pedestrian/bike signal on the toucan crossing from Dock Park back to the Whitesands is broken again (it wasn’t working last summer either, curiously) which made for a bit of guesswork crossing the road. It’s been reported to the council so hopefully it will be fixed by next week.

coconut macaroons
coconut macaroons – not as good as the offerings at the Cupcake Cafe – but better than nothing

The other fly in the ointment was that the works at Dock Park mean the lovely Cupcake Cafe is closed – a terrible blow to the post-ride debrief and cake stop. We couldn’t let any bike ride go past without some carbohydrate, so a batch of coconut macaroons was rustled up in short order to fill the gap.

Next week we’ll be visiting Lincluden Abbey – a favourite on last year’s ride. Here’s hoping this weather will hold and we get a good turnout for a grand day out. We may even bring some more cakes…


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