Thanks to everyone who came to last night’s meeting (well, pub chat mostly!)  – it was great to hear so much enthusiasm for Pedal on Parliament (and cycle campaigning in general) and there were some great ideas which we’ll be following up on over the next few days.

In the mean time, I have taken the opportunity to write to our regional MSPs and MP to invite them to join us at POP. It will be an opportunity for them to show us that they’re listening to our concerns – and for us to show them that this is something we feel strongly enough to protest about.  I’ll keep you posted if any of them respond – but meanwhile, here’s the email I’ve sent:

Dear Joan McAlpine, Jim Hume, Claudia Beamish, Graeme Pearson, Paul Wheelhouse, Aileen McLeod and Chic Brodie,

I’m emailing you to invite you to attend Pedal on Parliament on Sunday May 19th at 3pm at the Meadows in Edinburgh, cycling down (slowly!) to Holyrood to ask the Scottish Government to make Scotland safer for Cycling.

As you may know, we held this protest last year and 3000 people attended, young and old, including some kids on balance bikes. This year we’re hoping even more will come, and that some of our politicians will join us not just at the rally at Holyrood, but on the ride itself. It will be a chance for you to hear first hand from ordinary Scottish families what they’d like to see change so that they feel that they can use their bikes to get about.

You can find out what we’re asking for from our manifesto http://pedalonparliament.org/the-manifesto/. This is something with wide support from all kinds of cyclists, including many of your constituents. I know that there are many people from around Dumfries planning to attend.

I hope to hear from you soon

Yours sincerely,

Sally Hinchcliffe

If you want to write as well, then please do – the more who do the stronger the message – but do put it in your own words. You can easily contact your MP, MSPs or local councillors through the handy website Write to Them


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