April meeting: Planning Pedal on Parliament

pedal on parliament flyers

Pedal on Parliament flyers

Pedal on Parliament is a mass bike demonstration in support of safer cycling in Scotland – last year over 3000 people turned out, including hundreds of families. Cycling Dumfries has been a supporter of POP since its inception and last time around a number of Dumfries and Galloway cyclists made the trek up to Edinburgh. This year we’d like to see many more – not only will it make an impact on the Scottish government and our MSPs, but it will also show the council back home that cycling is a burning issue for its voters, not just something to be funded if there’s any money left over after the more important things have been done.

If you’d like to come to Edinburgh on May 19th to add your voice, then let us know (you can email us at cyclingdumfries AT gmail DOT com), or come along to the Coach and Horses this Thursday at 6pm where we’ll be planning the logistics of getting people and their bikes up there on the day. If you’ve got a car, a bike rack, a trailer, folding bikes, or anything else that might make things easier we want to hear from you! And if you need a lift – or if you’re planning on riding there and would like some company – let us know. The more people who turn out – even without bikes (the ride will be very slow) – the more of an impact we will make.

You don’t have to be a mad keen cyclist to take part. In fact, POP is as much about those people who’d like to cycle – or would like to cycle more – but don’t feel that the roads around them are safe enough to do so. There’s many people who’d love the opportunity to get on their bike, or would love to give their kids the independence to ride to school or just for fun, but simply don’t dare. We all know that there are places around Dumfries (Collin, for example) where the simplest journey is just impossible for all but the most confident cyclist. Multiply that by every town and city in Scotland and you’ll see just what could be done if only the political will was there. But the political will won’t just happen unless people get on their bikes and tell their politicians what they want.

So please do drop us a line, or come along on Thursday if you can so we can make sure D&G cyclists’ voices are heard…


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