Snow Good…

We were out doing the recce for Saturday’s Easter ride today – it was nice to see that the Maxwelltown path was completely clear, and a good bit of grit down on pavements around the town. But coming back from Cargenbridge along the Dalbeattie Road we were a bit disappointed to encounter this

path blocked by snow
Now what? Sustrans Ibike officer Rhian Davies and Cycling Dumfries member Mike Gray survey the blocked path

The shared use path along the A711 is completely piled with snow for several stretches along its length. We’re not great fans of this path anyway, as you have to cross a very busy road to reach it, but it would be good if, once you’d taken your life into your hands to reach it, it was actually usable. And as it’s on the route of our ride (which is being organised in combination with the council), we hope something will be done before Saturday

Snow and ice on paths has been a perennial issue this winter and we’re beginning to wonder if we should just start dealing with them ourselves. Certainly, given that almost every road in the area – including some very lightly used rural back roads – have been ploughed, it seems that this key route into town ought to have been cleared too.

Still, it won’t affect our rides, so if you want a gentle cycle tour to help work off your Easter eggs during the holidays, just show up at 2pm at the King George V sports centre at 2pm on Saturday. You don’t even need a bike.


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