Missing Links

Stand by for a series of posts over the next few days identifying the missing links for cycling in the town. Although Dumfries has some very good cycle routes there are large parts of the town and surrounding area that are very hostile to bikes, creating gaps in the network. We’ve identified around a dozen places where it would be possible to make a big difference by joining up the existing network with the sort of places where people want to go – schools, shops, workplaces and leisure facilities. In some cases a lot of work would be needed, in others a few small changes could make a disproportionate difference. We’ve already covered three of them, in looking at how three schools could be safely joined to the existing traffic-free network. Over the rest of the series we shall be covering:

1. Better access to Maxwelltown High
2. Access to DGOne
3. Cycling in the town centre
4. Entering the town from the east (Annan and Lockerbie roads)
5. Providing an alternative to the Moffat Road
6. Access between the station and the town
7. Access to Collin by bike
8. Extension of the town’s 20mph zone
9. Upgrade of the NCN7 to Glencaple
10. Linking primary schools to the cycle network

In all cases we’ll identify the primary problems, considering the point of view of a novice cyclist, family group, or a 12 year old, rather than the position of an experienced and confident adult cyclist, and suggest solutions. Some of them will be easy to do, some not, but it will at least give an idea of what could be done if the money and the will was there.

Of course, these are just the ones we’ve identified – we’re sure that there are many more. So we’re also hoping that you’ll let us know what we’ve missed, and what you’d like to see done to make cycling more accessible in the town, as well as how you’d prioritise the changes we’ve suggested

14 thoughts on “Missing Links”

  1. Spot on. A connect from Georgetown to Tinky Maxxes to Banatyne would be handy too and also a connect from Calside to the start of the Maidenbower path would work too. Georgetown for such a large suburb has completely inadequate road connections.

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