Langholm Consultation

Apologies for two posts in one day, but Bill Telfer left the following comment and it’s urgent so I thought I’d emphasise it here:

Meanwhile can I rely on all cycle campaigners in Dumfries and Galloway to support our campaign for 20mph limits in Langholm. The High Street consultation is happening on Monday and Tuesday (19th and 20th November) being conducted by  on behalf of Transport Scotland.
The issue can be summarised thus:

Consultation Regarding Parking and Road Safety on Langholm High Street

Removal of car parking on Langholm High Street without reducing the speed limit to 20mph will  increase the speed of traffic and make the street more stressful and dangerous for everyone, including drivers and passengers, as well as the more vulnerable road users – pedestrians, cyclists, mothers with prams, older children, the elderly, and  mobility impaired.

Therefore, I/we, the undersigned, believe that a 20mph speed limit is vital for the High Street. This will enable everyone to share the street safely and fairly, regardless whether or not parking is retained. It will also provide a quieter, healthier environment for the residents, traders, and shoppers making the High Street a more pleasant place and improve the quality of life for all of the town’s inhabitants.

Anyone unable toattend the event should contact BEAR by email or telephone
tel; 08001389903

Bill Telfer

We’ve written about Langholm and a Dutch connection before. Please help support this town’s campaign for a safer high street


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  1. keith walters

    Slightly off topic but it’s good to see our local MP participating in a cycle safety debate: Russell Brown in parliament said:
    I thank the hon. Gentleman for securing the debate. I am sure that anything we can do to make cycling safer would receive broad support, although I draw to his attention the attempt by the former Member for Carlisle, Eric Martlew, to introduce a private Member’s Bill. The manner in which he and the Bill’s supporters were attacked was absolutely unbelievable, yet beneath it all were people with a genuine desire to see children cycling safely, whether on roads, on footways as toddlers, in playgrounds or elsewhere. We need to do something to tackle that, to see a definitive decrease in the number of injuries.

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