Who Ya Gonna Call?

Everything up to the bollard’s the cooncil’s fault, after that, it’s Amey’s…

We’re all for good new cycle paths here at Cycling Dumfries, but sometimes it’s not so much a shiny new cycle path that you need, as the old one (or, indeed, the road) kept maintained. There was good news this week that the cycle path at the end of the Glen Road had finally been cleared of encroaching vegetation. As this is a key route for anyone cycling west out of Dumfries (sure, there’s NCN7’s Old Military Road but, scenic as it is, we prefer a road that doesn’t have a compulsion to go up every single hill) we’re pleased that it’s finally been sorted. Still, it raised the issue of who was responsible for maintaining this particular stretch of path. Apparently, the Glen Road, as a local road, is the responsibility of the council (up to and including the bollards), as is the Seeside road it joins to at the other end. The bit in the middle, though, being a path, counts as part of the trunk road and is (until April) the responsibility of Amey.

As any cyclist knows, the potholes, flooding, downed trees and broken streetlamps that are an annoyance in a car can be positively dangerous when you’re on two wheels so it is important to report them when you find them. While the authorities can’t fix all of them, they can’t fix any of them if they don’t know where they are. After all, far better to get it sorted before it takes your front wheel out than afterwards.

There are some useful contact details here (and they’re also on our sidebar links as well)

If you’re not sure who’s responsible for an individual street or road, these sites will pass the details on to the relevant authorities:

And, with that time of year coming up, here’s more information on winter treatment routes for salting and gritting:

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  1. John Henry

    The BBC are looking for cyclists to take part in a new documentary series Keeping Britain Safe. The series follows the vital and important work of Britain’s many emergency responders and ‘orange light’ services as they deal with a range of incidents. They are filming a feature on road conditions in winter, focusing on potholes and the dangers they can present to road users, specifically cyclists. They are looking for a cyclist who would be able to discuss the dangers of potholes on camera. Do you feel strongly about the condition of UK roads? Are you actively campaigning to improve the condition of the roads? Can you draw upon previous experience of cycling accidents caused by potholes? Do you know of pothole black spots in your area? Then the BBC would like to hear from you.
    Alternately, if you have any footage that you have shot whilst on your bike that highlights the dangers of potholes or any incidents caused by potholes the BBC would be really interested in using it as part of the piece.

    If interested please contact Zoe Milne at zoe.milne@bbc.co.uk.

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