Queen Street consultation

Word has reached us of a consultation next week on redesigning Queen Street

According to the council’s site:

The Council is seeking your views on proposals to improve Queen Street and neighbouring areas in partnership with SUSTRANS.

A consultation event is being held at the Solway Suite, DG One Leisure Complex, Dumfries on Tuesday 30th October 7pm – 9pm.  If you are interesting in attending or want to know more about the housing regeneration area action plan, please contact Michael Goldie at michael.goldie@dumgal.gov.uk or call the Council on 030 33 33 3000 and ask for extension 62156

Queen Street has been provisionally selected by SUSTRANS, as one of two new projects to be implemented in Scotland.  SUSTRANS is a charity that works with local communities to improve choices for people travelling  by foot, bike or public transport.  More information about SUSTRANS is available at www.sustrans.org.uk

At the moment Queen Street is almost comically difficult to get to by bike – particularly the end with the bike shop on it where it is a one-way street – and with Shakespeare Street cutting it in half, it’s not pleasant to walk along either. We hope that the redesign provides something that’s a safe and inviting place to walk and cycle along and we’ll be going along on Tuesday to find out more. We’ll be reporting back here as soon as we can.


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