NCN Route 2

We learn via CycleClips (the CTC newsletter) that parts of the NCN (National Cycle Network) Route 2 in Kent are threatened:

Palace petition
Far from prioritising cyclists, it is feared that the Trustees of Fishbourne Roman Palace in West Sussex will opt to remove a key section of NCN route 2 when they meet next week. The route provides a pleasant alternative to the busy A259. CTC’s local campaigners in the area fear removing it will make way for more car parking or other developments near the site. Let the Trustees know your views – CTC has drafted a letter which should take just a couple of minutes to send.

West Sussex may seem a long way from Dumfries, but it’s alarming to see that what little dedicated space we cyclist have can be taken away in the name of car parking.

It’s also potentially a live issue for us: the new hospital site is to be at Cargenbank where the Maxwelltown path meets the Glen Road, not in itself a dedicated route for cyclists but an important quiet route west avoiding the A75. We’ll be keeping an eye on developments and making sure cyclists’ voices are heard throughout the process. Meanwhile, perhaps you’d like to lend yours in support of the cyclists of West Sussex and let them know what you think.


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