Want to see more support for cycling? Here’s what you need to do…

As you may be aware, the recently published draft Scottish budget has only increased very slightly the amount of money available for cycling and other sustainable forms of transport. This is despite the fact that experts and campaigners were united in saying that without significant extra funding, the government would fail to meet its target of 10% of journeys by bike by 2020. Dumfries has benefited in the past from Scottish government money – from GoSmart funding, or through Sustrans which helped build the excellent Maxwelltown Cycleway. In fact, without central government funding we’d likely not see any spending on cycling in the town at all – or more paths being left half completed because we’re still waiting for developers to complete the work.

So if you want to see our cycling network completed, it’s important to let your MSPs know you think cycling should be properly funded. You can easily email them via Write To Them – just fill in your postcode and the site does the rest. And if you do so, and you get a response, please let us know. If you need more information Pedal on Parliament has everything you need.

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