Langholm: A View from the Netherlands

We’ll be reporting on the Doors Open ride shortly but just a quick post to say that the excellent blog ‘A View from the Cycle Path‘ – written by an Englishman, David Hembrow, who moved to Assen in the Netherlands to enjoy really civilised cycling conditions – has picked up on the 20’s Plenty campaign for Langholm, looking at how traffic can blight Britain’s villages. We’ve covered Langholm before, but this video really makes the point, much more strongly than words ever can (although the words underneath the video are pretty powerful too):

Anyone interested in how cycling could be is recommended to have good browse through David Hembrow’s archives, by the way. There’s no better introduction to the sort of top-class cycling conditions that the Dutch enjoy.



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2 responses to “Langholm: A View from the Netherlands

  1. Regarding the video illustrating conditions on Langholm High Street:

    D&G council, its councillors, and officers silently claim that they have no responsibility for the A7 passing through Langholm, because the road is managed not by them, but by the Scottish Assembly through Transport Scotland.
    They are wrong.
    It is a fact that Langholm and its High Street is part of the local authority. The shopkeepers, hoteliers, café owners and household residents on the street pay taxes to the council. The Council is bound by the high level policies of the council, including public health, social welfare, planning, conservation, heritage tourism, etc., and is responsible for the general well-being of the community and the town’s most important PLACE -its High Street and Market Place. Furthermore the council’s corporate plan, its overall economic and sustainability strategies are integral and embedded within the status and welfare of Langholm High Street. It is nonsense for the council, its officers and councillors, to claim that the High Street is not their concern. What they are doing is evading and abrogating their responsibilies. This historic street is the heart of Langholm’s community, Historically it has always been the town’s most important amenity-just go there on the Common Riding Day when the traffic is stopped from passing through and you will realize what is meant by a community space. However it has become dangerous, unhealthy, and blighted and clearly failing to meet the community’s needs. Transport Scotland has defined the sole purpose of this street ‘’… to encourage the efficient movement of goods and vehicles….’’. Therefore it no longer serves as our High Street and has become unfit for purpose. With the council acquiescing in this degraded condition of this centre of our community, and disregarding the plight of vulnerable users this a basic contravention of the council’s duty under the Equalities Act. With many of the road users not being car drivers the failure to provide appropriate protection (by speed restriction) might be considered discriminatory. The council’s conduct may become subject to a judicial review.

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