Pedal on Postbox – Dumfries

After the success of April’s Pedal on Parliament, the team behind it are organising a series of flash ‘Pedal on Postbox‘ events around Scotland – and we’re taking part! After the success of the Olympics and the Paralympics, POP are hoping that Scotland will be building a real ‘golden legacy’ – a network of safe, gold standard cycle routes that everyone can ride on, not just the superfit.

Craigs RoadThe idea is to highlight burning local issues for cycling and after discussion at the AGM we decided to choose the poor provision for children cycling to school in the town. In particular, both Dumfries High School and St. Joseph’s College could  – with a little imagination – have a safe link to the town’s network of traffic-free paths. At the moment, a bare handful of pupils cycle to St. Joe’s, partly because of the difficulty of tackling roads like the one on the right, but as we showed the councillors on their bike ride in April, it wouldn’t take much to create a joined up route from the traffic-free pathways to both schools. Here’s one way that the council could easily build on the investment they’ve already made to get a whole generation active. What could be more fitting a way of celebrating the success of cyclists like Sir Chris Hoy than that?

So we’ll be sending our councillors a message on a postcard – complete with Olympian stamps. The ideal would be to post them in an Olympic Golden Postbox, but sadly Dumfries hasn’t produced a gold medal winner this time. Perhaps if our children had the nudge to be that little bit more active on their way to school, that will soon change?

If you’d like to take part, there’s a Facebook event with more details, or just turn up at St. Joseph’s car park at 4pm on Sunday 16th September. We’ll bring a stash of postcards, but feel free to bring your own

Press release about the event


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