News from the AGM

Thanks to everyone who showed up on Thursday for our first ever ‘AGM’.  We were very pleased to meet Rhian Davies, who’s Dumfries and Galloway’s new Cycling Officer (as seen on this very site!)

No formal minutes were taken but (as far as I can remember from my scribbled notes) we agreed:

  • To confirm the current officers in their posts, and add John Schofield as Press Officer with Sean McKay providing publicity support
  • To investigate running a series of monthly rides jointly with CTC centred around Dumfries, building on from our very successful summer family rides. These will be a bit longer, up to 20 miles, but easily paced and novice-friendly with a particular emphasis on stops for tea and cake. They will replace our monthly meetings, which will go into suspension at least over the winter
  • As part of Pedal on Parliament’s national Pedal on Postbox campaign, we will be gathering on Sunday 16th September to post some postcards highlighting the lack of safe access by bike to some schools in the town. Watch this space for details, but keep 4pm on Sunday free. We’ll also be sending as large as possible a Dumfries contingent up to the next Pedal on Parliament event, which is currently planned for mid May next year
  • To work to highlight the other glaring gaps in the cycle network around Dumfries, particularly the Lockerbie and Annan road areas. Again, there will be more on the website in due course

If there are any other burning cycling issues that come up, we will of course be highlighting them and continuing to pressure the council to make Dumfries as safe and welcoming a cycling town as possible. We look forward to another successful year!

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