More Good News

We were pleased to noticed a new bike track appearing alongside Lochside Road – and cutting across the park to Alloway Road, a nice little shortcut for bikes

new bike lane in Lochside
New bike route in Lochside

(although we might point out to the council that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line rather than a curve …) It’s nice and wide and separated from traffic – albeit shared with pedestrians which can put people into conflict. There’s also a bit of a problem at the side road here:

new lane crossing side road
Give way AND cyclist dismount signs on the side road

Not only does the bike path have to give way to the side road (despite the fact that if cyclists were on the road itself they’d have right of way) but there’s even a ‘cyclist dismount’ sign, which is completely unnecessary.

Here’s an example from Brighton (the Old Shoreham Road) of how separate bike paths can still have right of way:

Old Shoreham Road
Bike path continuing across a side road without giving way – click on image for more details

Still, it’s better than nothing – and we will be visiting it on Saturday on our next Family ride so people can try it out for themselves.

Also in the news, we hear that the council has been awarded SUSTRANS Communities Links 2012/13 match funding to deliver a feasibility study for the construction of a cycle path between Dumfries and Mabie Forest. It’s early days yet and the council will be consulting with everyone concerned – including land managers and recreational users – before taking any further steps. We hope that this also includes some consultation on the design of any paths, to make sure they work for cyclists and don’t leave them having to dismount at every side road.




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