Dodging Showers on our Second Summer ride

We had a fantastic turnout for our second summer ride – an easy loop along both sides of the Nith. Amazingly, given that it was pouring down just an hour before the start, we had an even bigger turnout – 15 in all, including our two ride leaders

summer ride two
Some of the hardy folk who gathered for our second ride of the summer

I might have guessed that it would take more than a spot of rain to put the people of Dumfries off getting on their bikes!

Again the ride was short and easy, just 3 miles in length and even the youngest rider (5 years old) was able to keep pace with ease. We took the path down to the Kirkpatrick Macmillan Bridge – named in honour of the inventor of the pedal bicycle – and after stopping for a bit of emergency maintenance, back along the other side of the Nith to the Robert Burns Centre, where we joined quiet streets. This bit of town is always a bit tricky to navigate on bikes because of the one-way system and some sharp hills, so we dismounted and walked up to the main road before crossing at the pedestrian crossings, never a quick process at the best of times and even more so with over a dozen bikes to get across.

From there, though, it was plain sailing along the quiet College road, over the Academy Bridge, and back along the Whitesands. The rain stayed away for the most part, and the sun even put in an appearance at the end. By the time we’d repaired to the cafe (where, in true Dumfries and Galloway fashion, it turned out everyone was connected in some way or another with everyone else) it was warm, sunny, and pleasant to sit outside in

after the ride
clothes drying out after getting caught in the rain riding home

If only I could have said as much about the ride home!

Next week we’ll stretch our legs a little further with a ride to Lincluden Abbey. Here’s hoping it’s more sunshine than shower…


2 thoughts on “Dodging Showers on our Second Summer ride”

  1. Indeed a great day out. Left Shawhead at 12.15 heading to meet Sally and all at Dock Park for 2pm. No sooner had we got out of Shawhead that we met the rain coming in fast behind us. Suffice to say we were drenched before we got to Seeside Road. Never minding a bit of wet we powered on and on arriving at Dock Park after a squelchy ride down the Old Glen Road we were dry. The ride was great fun and yes, meeting up with folk that for one connection or another we all (most of us) seemed to know.

    On a practical note, an observation I think is worth making for us all to consider is one in relation to crossing roads at Pedestrian / Pelican crossings. When crossing these kinds of routes where, say, 4 or more bikes are crossing together, we should watch that those crossing can all make it onto the island before being able to cross the next carriage way. Failing to do this would could create a dangerous situation resulting in at least the rear wheel of the trailing cyclist being clipped by traffic that is starting off from their green light. An example that I saw narrowly being missed when crossing the Glasgow Road out side the Spread Eagle.

  2. yes, those caged crossings are a real bottleneck, especially when you have to make it across two roads – something to bear in mind in our route planning for next year.

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