A New Route to Town

We were excited last Saturday to see that the long-awaited contraflow has been completed on Newall Terrace, opening up a direct and quiet route from the station (and the Caledonian Cycleway) to the town centre

new contraflow
Cycling permitted against the one way at Newall Terrace

This is a route we’ve long argued for, so we’re happy to see it completed in time for our summer rides. Cyclists can now turn left onto Loreburne street, or cross at a new toucan to Great King Street (although as that is still one-way going the other way for bikes as well as cars you can’t yet legally proceed directly to the High Street. Instead, the advice is to turn left onto Loreburn street and then turn right onto Munches street – if you press the button on the toucan crossing, you won’t have any traffic to contend with so making the right turn should be pretty easy.

station to town route
New route to the high street from the station

Of course, once you’re on the High Street, it’s still technically only one-way for bikes – and you can’t usefully use either Bank Street or Friars Vennel to get onto the Whitesands without getting off or breaking the law.

This contraflow is pretty elaborate – it might be easier or cheaper for the council to invest in some ‘Except Cycles’ signs to put under no entry signs and convert one-way streets into two way streets for bikes. That would open up the whole of the town centre to bikes although of course we’d have to cycle with care as on streets like the High Street, pedestrians really should have right of way. Oh, and some signs from the station and at the junction would be nice, for give visitors a little guidance where to go.

But that said, we’re still pretty happy to see this progress being made


5 thoughts on “A New Route to Town”

  1. All sounds good. Looking forward to trying out the nwew route.

    Of course we’d be happy to be the suppliers of any signs required.

    Sean @ elitedisplay

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