Sun Shines on our First Summer Ride

Well if we’d believed the forecast, we might never have gone out yesterday, but fortunately – amber weather warnings or no amber weather warnings – the sun put in an appearance just before the start of our first summer ride – an easy jaunt from Dock Park down to Kingholm Quay and back.

joining the river path

Joining the river path down to Kingholm Quay

We had a group of 11, including our two ride leaders and the group ranged in age from five to well over five! The littlest had no difficulty keeping up (it was the grownups at the back that held us up) and we were cheered on as we pedalled down alongside the Nith by someone who’d been watching a bit too much Tour de France recently

Malteser break

Malteser break at Kingholm Quay

After a quick break at Kingholm Quay for some Maltesers and a drink of water we set off again, this time on the road.

summer ride - on the road

Taking the quiet road back to town

The road back was quiet enough to cycle side by side, which also makes a group of cyclists easier to overtake than if they’re strung out in a long line. Fortunately, the few cars who passed us all gave us lots of room

Creative Cakes Cupcake cafe

Creative Cakes Cup Cake Cafe in Dock Park

Back at Dock Park we were delighted to see that the cafe had reopened – and was now a cupcake cafe!

tea and scones

coffee, tea and scones after the ride

Time to replace all the calories we’d consumed on the ride!

Next week we’ll be doing another short and easy ride along both banks of the river – just three miles again. We really hope you’ll join us.


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