A Summer of Fun

With this glorious weather, it’s hard not to hope that this will be the summer when the sun shines every day… well, that might be being a bit optimistic but, even so we do hope that this will be the summer when people get out on their bikes, if not every day then at least every week.

In order to help you, we’re planning a series of fun summer rides, aimed at the whole family. They’ll be suitable for novice riders or those returning to their bikes after a long absence, for (accompanied) kids, and for anyone who just wants a gentle sociable ride in good company without having to worry about being left behind, or tackling scary roads. We’ll have at least two leaders on every ride to keep an eye on everyone and deal with any problems that might arise.

We’ll be using Dumfries’s network of shared and traffic-free paths as much as possible and the rest of the routes will mostly be via quiet streets and back roads. The shortest one is just over three miles – which is less than you think! – and the longest no more than ten. We’re still finalising the routes and the schedule but the rides will run every Saturday from the 7th of July to the 25th of August. They’ll start at 2pm at Dock Park, just by the ‘orange bike’ docking station near St. Michael’s Bridge.

And if you don’t even have a bike – we’ve thought of that too! Thanks to the council and the generosity of Hour Bikes who run the bike rental scheme, anyone who would like to have the opportunity of trying out one of the Bike2Go bikes can have a free hire for one ride (all we need in return is your name and contact details so they can follow up whether you’d be interested in joining the scheme).

Watch this space for more details – but meanwhile, make a note in your diary and we’ll see you at Dock Park in July, rain or shine!

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