Come and Join us for the Cycle Challenge

Well, we’ve had a fantastic response to our Council Candidates’ Cycle Challenge. Despite some scepticism about whether it would be possible to get a councillor on a bike at all no sooner did the word go out than the responses come in, and overwhelmingly the answer was yes. We’ve got candidates from all the parties contesting the elections locally (Conservatives, Labour and SNP) as well as MSPs and even our MP. Bikes are being dug out of sheds, tyres pumped up and chains oiled even as we speak…

But it’s not just our local politicians who are invited. If you’re a regular cyclist around town – or even if you’re not because you’ve found it all too difficult or scary – then please come along and join us. It’s your chance to put your point of view to our elected or want-to-be elected representatives.

Meet us at Dock Park, at 5:30pm on Friday 20th April. And it will be by the Go Bike! stands so you can even get your hands on a bike if you can’t bring yours. More details



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